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27 Jun / 2015Program by:
Featured: ViriaLanguage: English

Viria on AV Hoops 2015

Viria tells us the story of AV Hoops one a of the 6 basketball team in Auroville. Motivation came back when he and 4 other players decided to boost the team in order to bring it back to play on a regular basis and compete matches.
“By the players for the players” is their slogan and the idea is to play to play not to play to win, team spirit and fun is the goal and independence the best way to avoid sports corruption related with the business around it.

New creation offers them a great brand new playground which even welcomes audience with a place to sit. Games were running every saturdays and rehearsals on mondays, wednesdays and saturdays at 5:30pm, come and check out a great team with a great spirit.
For the games schedule go on Facebook “AV hoops”.