Photographer:pritica | Jan the designer of the round about Photographer:pritica | Jan the engineer Photographer:av radio team | interview session Photographer:av radio team | interview session
12 May / 2016Program by:
Featured: JanLanguage: English

Vox Pop on Roundabout

VOX POP: it is about taking up any existing issue and collecting opinion from the people about the issue.
This Vox Pop is all about the round about in Auroville near the solar kitchen, and the problems faced by the people while riding and walking across the round about.
We also have the official voice bite from the architect Jan, who has shared his ideas and views from his experience.



  • gillian

    The roundabout seems to be working ok people are moving thru with less speed than the earlier chaotic set up .I do question the raise sloping area away from the center too suddenly …it renders that inner part of the circle sort of unusable .,which on such a small surface area to begin with doesnt make sense .It should have all been flat..anyway it has created a traffic calming effect which is a good step in the right direction .

  • Chris Aldous

    Was great to see a photo of Jan and read what he’s been up to,i send him best wishes and love,crazychris x