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Walk of Hope, Happy Republic Day

Thursday, January 25th at 4pm a Visual presentation on Auroville’s land, needs, & progress with Q&A, led by Sigrid, one of Auroville’s land fundraisers – Art for Land, 50th Auroville.

Walk of Hope — January 27th, 28th & 29th Together for Peace and Oneness in Auroville and the surrounding villages guided by eminent spiritual leader Sri M; within 50th Auroville.

On Friday 26th of Janaury at Aikiyam School a Festive Display of Learning at the occasion of Republic day, starting at 8.30am with flag hoisting.

On Friday 26th of Januiary at 8pm at CRIPA in Kalabhumi we are invited to Impressions of Dance and Music by Hartumt von Leires, and dance by Cynthia Berkshire.

On January 26th 27th 28th, at 7.30pm at Bharat Nivas ‘Fear Walkers’ play. Performed by Jill and her group, and this play is an English adaptation of several Estonian Folktales, and explores the eternal struggle between men and women

On Sunday 28th at 8pm at Kalabhumi Studio 6th edition of Kalabhumi Goes Live.

On Sunday 28th of January at 7pm at Unity Pavilion within Art for Land, and events for 50th Odissi Dance Perofromance Deba Prasadn and Keli Charan Style.

On Friday 26th 7th Annual Badminton Tournament at Certitude Sports Ground by the Auroville Badminton Team .Torunament will go on until 17th of February with finals on 18th of February.

PEC 2018 – This weekend Pondicherry Equestrian Challenge at Red Earth Ridding School starts today, 25th till Sunday 28th.

The thirst for affection and love is a human need, but it can be quenched only if it turns towards the Divine. As long as it seeks satisfaction in human beings, it will always be disappointed or wounded.
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