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Welcome to Sadhana Haiti

After 12th of January when earthquake of catastrophic magnitude stroke Haiti, the whole world react on it with different ways of help. Sadhana Forest Group left for Haiti in April to offer help and introduce the model of reforestation project with environmental leadership program. On the South West corner of Haiti, on the border with Dominican Republic, in the poorest area of Anse-a-Pitre the piece of land was offered to them to work on it. Sadhana Forest group wants to share a strong vision, and experience of Auroville with the people of Anse-a-Pitre, which would lead to a different kind of consciousness and different attitude.
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International Clayballs for Peace Meeting in Haiti

“Seeds after the earthquake”

An international gathering event for solidarity and peace

From October 26th to November 5th 2010

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After the earthquake that severely damaged Haiti in January 2010, we have the opportunity of acting in a concrete way to show solidarity with our Haitian sisters and brothers. We firmly believe that the real richness we can bring is in the improvement of the fertility of the soil, creating biodiversity and providing an ecosystem that will raise the amount of water in the environment as well as creating a food forest for the people to enjoy. Haiti suffers from extremely arid conditions. As a result, food production is low and the country is forced to import approximately 70% of its food. After the recent disaster Haitian people are even more dependent on foreign aid and imports.

From the 26thOctober to the 5th of November 2010 people from different parts of the world together with local people from Haiti will meet at the international ecovillage community of Sadhana Forest Haiti ( in Anse a Pitre, Haiti to learn how to make different types of seed-clayballs and throw them together on the land. We will all contribute to the recreation of an indigenous forest that will bring life and fertility as well as human solidarity and we will live together as a big community. The event including all activities, workshops, communal vegan meals and filtered water will be completely free. Please bring your own tent!

“May there be many more forests to grow people”


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