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What do you know – ep.1

“What do you know“ is a new program offering a space for dialogues about, within and between worldviews, practices, experiences and approaches towards understanding, communicating and embodying them. In this episode Anshul, Soham and Matthias reflect on research related to yoga and philosophy.

“Back in the day when someone from a particular school of thought met someone with another background they didn’t ask each other “What did you hear?” or “What did you see?” or any of that. They asked themselves “what do you know”, know in the sense “what do you know from within?”, “What do you know from experience and for sure?”, not as intellectual idea but what do you truly know, you know? “You exist so what do you know?” Based on that the conversation would unfold. The whole thing would be done with humility. They approached it with this attitude of wanting to know more, not wanting to prove the other wrong. So it was that openness that laid the ground. The whole idea was to grow as a person, as an intellect and therefore they were both ready to see if the other person had something more which would allow each to grow from the other.” – Anshul

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