Photographer:Miriam | Suresh, Phoebe, Mishko, Matthew
19 Oct / 2010Program by:

What is ERP?

Mark Twain once said “The difference between a Miracle and a Fact is exactly the difference between a seal and a mermaid”. Auroville’s literary pilgrimage and tactful metabolism needs a change. We conducted a short interview with the project holder of Software Solution, Mr. Juergen. “Change is a slow process”. Despite of the challenges on the ground, each and every day these computer engineers are trying to change the cocoon of working scenario at Auroville. ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning is the first lane of this change – a future solution for Auroville?

Open ERP must be seen as a concept not a software, a concept built to tackle and balance the business functions of small and medium enterprise. Auroville belongs to humanity as a whole”, as a catalyst – Blue Light seeks to manifest this idea for the day to day life. ERP is specially designed to resolve the accounting methods and operates through a single database. The motive of ERP is solely to make tedious works a piece of cake, thus it is beneficiary for both the employees and the executives of a business enterprise. Enterprise Resource Planning is a vast operating system, supporting the global business, in a organized manner with specified units. The Auroville, ERP team are on a mission to get this concept ready, up and running by March 2011, the concept is to be known as Open ERP. Open ERP was originally founded in 2005, which has been in practice on many small and medium enterprises abroad.