Photographer:Amelia and Lua | Drumming Photographer:Amelia and Lua | Mary serving  Ethiopian Coffee Photographer:Amelia and Lua | conversation Photographer:Amelia and Lua | drumming Photographer:Amelia and Lua | drumming Photographer:Amelia and Lua | listening to the presentation Photographer:Amelia and Lua | Toni and Clapton

When Seeds are Sprouting

Within the events of International Zone this week – birthdays week, yesterday the team Africa House, Pavilion of African Culture presented their progress in work at temporary structures and farming, presented their future plans, dreams and wishes. It all started with drumming from east and west parts of Africa which set the energetic meditative mood of participants supported by rhythms of life. Some of the team members of Africa House presented themselves, and each was talking from his / hers point of view to create a diverse yet united picture of the project striving toward manifestation of the pavilion itself which should be the bridge between the pavilion and the continent itself. Soon the smell of Ethiopian Coffee, along with incense flew into nostrils, and while children were listening to the story about origin of all stories from Zulu tribe, adults were sipping coffee….