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Wi-Max polluting Auroville

On 23rd November 2011 BSNL inaugurated a Wi-Max tower at the old Tindivanam road near the Hanuman statue. Auroville is within the coverage area of this tower. Recently, an expert committee of the Government of India has recommended that radiation from cell towers be declared as a pollution. Wi-Max is a new communication technology similar to cellular communications and the new tower adds to the pollution in Auroville. This is a cause for serious concern as it threatens the bio diversity created by planting of million trees over four decades.

In this context, ICITI proposed a comprehensive communications and IT solution for Auroville, which includes reducing electromagnetic pollution by a factor more than 100,000 using a new concept (called Green Mobile Communications- GMC). The Government is considering the project and is likely to fund it partially. This project (GMC) was submitted to Spark The Rise. the project details cna be seen at

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  • Nawaz

    Get rid of that @£$£$% tower …… when will all the sheeple wake up …. microwaves are bad. WiFi is microwaves. AFter all the amazing effort that has gone into Auroville … they go and carpet it with microwaves. Such a shame. I could cry.