Photographer:Zoya | Fred and Clare
14 Jan / 2019Program by:
Featured: Fred LondonLanguage: English

With Fred and Clare on Auroville – a way Froward

What was intend to be an interview eventually turned into a conversation with Clare San Martin and Fred London, both partners of JTP in London who were sharing past week presentation on Healthy Placing and on Community Participating Strategies. Distinctive key points were defined – governance, widening participation with bio region, healthy placemaking, water strategy, Galaxy&master plan, and environmental principles could be brought in. Claire in between mentioned that it was very interesting to work with people here in Auroville since they came forward with lots of energy and enthusiasm, although some skepticism in the beginning. Yet out of the workshop one clear pilot project, of which Fred was very thrilled about it, was defined as an interface between Edayyanchavadi with Green and Blue zone, where series of immediate actions , such as planting trees, could be taken.