Photographer:Gaia | Paula Murphy Photographer:Gaia | Paula Murphy Photographer:Gaia | Presentation on AV Women's Helath on 16th at 10.30am at SAIIER
13 Mar / 2017Program by:
Featured: Paula MurphyLanguage: English

Woman in Auroville and Bioregion

This week, on Thursday 16th of March at 10.30am SAIIER Conference Room interesting presentation awaits us on Auroville Women’s Health Survey. Paula Murphy along with Michel Mussies who have designed and executed the survey, will be presenting it.
Paula , who is a midwife by her profession, shares with us some insights, thoughts on the survey. in which almost 300 women from Auroville and the bioregion participated.
What does it means to be woman right here, right now? How do we address sexual education in our schools? Do women feel safe here or how do they take care of their safety?
Many topics, many issues touching a healthy life of a woman ….