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01 Feb / 2012Program by:
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Wood and Hat Tournament

On February 4th and 5th at Certitude and Udavi sports ground we can witness Auroville Hat Tournament 2012 India Ultimate’s. Two hundred players from all over will come and test their fitness and improve their skills with an ‘Auroville’ spirit . The Auroville Hat is the only ‘hat’ tournament in India, and reflects its spirit of Unity in Diversity. We feature interview with Kumaran about it. In today’s news is also interview with Daniel updating us from Working Committee about work in progress on wood, fire hazards, effects of cyclone…

If mankind only caught a glimpse of what infinite enjoyments, what perfect forces, what luminous reaches of spontaneous knowledge, what wide calms of our being lie waiting for us in the tracts which our animal evolution has not yet conquered, they would leave all and never rest till they had gained these treasures. But the way is narrow, the doors are hard to force, and fear, distrust and scepticism are there, sentinels of Nature to forbid the turning away of our feet from less ordinary pastures.Sri Aurobindo