Photographer:Andrea | Ricardo New Dawn Carpentery
14 Dec / 2011Program by:
Language: English

Work as Yoga

Ricardo of New Dawn Carpentery speaks about his work in Auroville, his work in fine woodworking, his work as his yoga. Announcements: Thamarai, a cross cultural project that provides informal education, offers an open house 18th December, 10 a.m. E-mobility: a solution for AV Guests and Volunteers; they would like to offer an alternative to th rental of petrol vehicles. Contact for more information.

Fear and anxiety are perverse forms of will. What one fears and worries over strikes that note repeatedly in the mind, helping to bring it about; if ones will repels it, it is yet what the mind underneath is all along willing as, the subconscious mind is mightier, wider, better equipped to fulfil than the waking force and intellect. But the spirit is stronger than both together; from fear and hope take refuge in the grandiose calm and careless mastery of the spirit. …from Sri Aurobindo:

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