Photographer:Giorgio | Nikolai Ivanov, Marina Velikova Photographer:Giorgio | Nikolai Ivanov, Marina Velikova Photographer:Giorgio | Nikolai Ivanov Photographer:Giorgio | Marina Velikova Photographer:Giorgio | Nikolai Ivanov Photographer:Giorgio | Marina Velikova Photographer:Giorgio | Nikolai Ivanov
05 Mar / 2012Program by:

World Music with Balkan Beats

In context of Invocation of Bulgarian Pavilion, Nikolali Ivanov and Marina Velikova brought on the stage a breeze of “ethnologization”, at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, in the Pavilion of Indian Culture of International Zone. With quite clear undertones of Bulgarian ethnic rhythms, it was as if the sound danced its way trough world music and jazz improvisations. Nikolai Ivanov, a composer and artist, was using keyboards , loops, tamboura, different flutes and voice, while Marina Velikova impressed us on bassoon and tampura.

Nikolai Ivanov multi instrumentalist, composer, painter, performer. Graduated from The Academy for Fine Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria. He started playing in various groups in the early 80s. In 1991 he set up OM art formation. His aim was to create synthetic music conveying specific spiritual and meditative vibrations, and hence he use of the OM superior mantra as the name of the formation. Thus he gave expression to his belief about the inevitable synthesis of ideas from the East and the West. Member of Union of Bulgarian Artists and MUSIC AUTHOR society since 1993 Nikolai is the founder of the bulgarian group “OM Art Formation”. The purpose is the creation of cross culture synthetic and plastic music, which is aiming to associate elements from the ethnic music, ambient, jazz, new- age, and minimalism.
With “OM” Nikolai Ivanov realizes in musical form his philosophy for synthesis of the East and the West and global “ethnologization” of art today. “OM” use instruments of the Balkan tradition – tambura, tarambuka, shepherd’s pipe, dvoianka, drum, bag pipe; from the East – sitar, ghatam, tabla, bamboo flutes, saz, def, tar, guttural singing etc. mixing them with guitar, piano, electric double – bass, electronic instruments and computer programming.
“OM” has played at all Bulgarian festivals. They have given concerts in most
European countries and the Far East (India, China, Nepal). In 1995, together with three Bulgarian musicians, “OM” realizes the highest concert in the world (Kalapatar, 5345m. high,
below Everest) registered in Guiness

Velikova- bassoon player, graduated from the Bulgarian National Academy of Music. A winner of several awards in music. Participated in many projects and CD releases as a bassoon and soprano saxophone player. She has worked for ten years as musical editor in The Bulgarian National Radio. She has long-lasting interest in ethnic music all over the world with an emphasis on improvisation characteristic of eastern musical tradition. This interest brought her to India in 2003. Supported by The Indological Foundation East-West at present she is an ICCR student of Indian Classical Music in Gandarva Mahavidyalaya, New Delhi.