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Xmass Celebrations, Sadhana Forest

The burial of Prema’s remains will take place at Adventures burial ground,today at 4.00pm

Tomorrow at 4pm   Udavi School invites to the cultural program prepared by the students, consisting of the Drama ” Seven Slaves”, Odissi Dance and many other music and dance performances.
On Friday 26th of December 7.30 pm at CRIPA Christmas Angels.
Friday December 26th we are invited to come and celebrate Sadhana Forest’s 11th birthday with an afternoon presentation, tour, Eco-film and dinner!It’s all starting at 2pm for an afternoon of learning about sustainability and Sadhana Forest, sharing knowledge, passion and skills, eating great food and having fun!

On the 27th of December at 7.30pm at Unity Pavilion, International Zone  we can see Tree house Brazil photo presentation.
On Sunday, December 28th at 5.30pm at Pitanga Cultural Center violin solo recital by Vladislav.

Thou art consciousness and light, Thou art peace in the depth of all things, the divine love that transfigures, the knowledge that triumphs over darkness.

The Mother
Prayers and Meditations