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Photographer:Barbara | sun through rainy clouds Photographer:Ira Gopal | Yatra Srinivassan, D and Meenakshi Photographer:Barbara | YATRA SIRUKATHAIKAL - book launch today at 5pm at Ilaignarkal Education Centre Photographer:web | 3rd of December super full moon in Gemini Photographer:web | Friday 1st at 5.30pm at VC open roda by Ginga Saroba

Yatra's Book Launch

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In today’s news we are featuring short excerpt of interview by D with Yatra Srinivassan and Meenakshi on Yatra’s first book YATRA SIRUKATHAIKAL, which would be launch today at 5pm at Ilaignarkal Education Centre by Kavingar and Meenakshi.

Cats invite you to an offering in French (Tuesday 5th December) and an offering in English (Tuesday 12th December) by Yves and the Lotus group on”Progressive Integral Economy- An Economy with Engagement Steps for all”at the Unity Pavilion from 4.15 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. on each day.

The Working Committeei is sharing for your information the attached guidelines for all Higher Educational Institutions regarding remittance of fees in respect of OCI Children studying in India while admission in Higher Institutions of India.

Friday 1st December at 5pm at Ilaignarkal Education Centre DEEPAM KARTHIKAI FESTIVAL We are invited to carry a lamp of inspiration for a greater celebration towards human unity as envisaged by The Mother .

On Saturday 2nd December at 6 pm at Deepam School we are invited once again to Deepam Celebration of Light with children of Deepam School at Aspiration Campus.

On Thursday 30th November at 3 pm, Le Morgan.Self Governance Auroville; today with reading of the Fundation Act.

Friday 1st of December from 5.30 pm to 6.30 Visitors Centre Open Capoeira Roda Meet the Ginga Saroba Capoeira Group (adults & kids) for its monthly circle . Additionally, join our trial class on Thursday 7th of December at 6 pm, Deepanam School Amphitheater.

All is relative except the Supreme. The Supreme alone is absolute; but as the Supreme is at the centre of each being, each being carries in himself his absolute.
The Mother

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