Photographer:Karthick | From left: Max & Bala presenting Yoga of Tamil Siddhas and Powerful temples at Auromode Yogaspace
27 Feb / 2018Program by:
Featured: Bala, MaxLanguage: English

Yoga of Tamil Siddhas and Powerful Temples

Do you know what ancient Tamil legend says about Auroville? Siddha Yoga, legends, temples, pujas and more! Bus included, one-day “talk & walk” experience – theory, practice, history,sightseeing with Bala & Max.
Auroville bio region is comprised of villages which are part of an ancient Tamil land known as ‘Thondaimandalam’ meaning “land of the wise”. The region is famous for its Siddhas – the followers of Shiva, human beings who has achieved a high degree of physical and Spiritual perfection or Enlightenment. During the first part of this Intensive (inside our yoga space), They spoke about famous South Indian Siddhas, their legends, predictions and practices. We will dive into one of the main written works of this special Yoga – “Thirumantiram”, which was written at the same time and even the same place with Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras”.
They also spoke about symbolic and spiritual meaning of a typical Tamil temple structure, explaining the symbols and meanings within a Puja worshiping (and will participate in a special Puja later on). Moreover, the participants will also try the ancient Siddha Yoga practices and see how had Siddhas achieved such great results!
During the second part of the Intensive after lunch break, the group would be exploring (not far from Auroville) and would be visiting some powerful temples and see that Shiva temples, Vaishnava temples & local gods’ shrines, spirits and animism are worshipped with the same rigor by everyone in the region to understand the acceptability and versatility of the people of the region where Auroville was born.