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Photographer:web | Krishna Photographer:web | Stonehenge solstice celebrations Photographer:web | Organic Food from Solitude Farm Photographer:web | Stonehenge, waiting for sunrise


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From RAS comes a special invitation on how to celebrate summer solstice an Extra General Meeting at Unity Pavilion in International Zone on Saturday 21st at 4.30pm to Discuss Concerns on Upcoming RA Decision Making Event on proposed new WC and AVC by Study Group on selection process. Solitude Farm would like to welcome people to come and celebrate the summer solstice with another Green Smoothie workshop after lunch at 2:30 pm on Saturday 21st of June. At 10.30am the meeting concerning the local food peoples movement. also at Solitude Farm.

The world progresses so rapidly that we must be ready at any
moment to over pass what we know in order to know better.
-The Mother

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19 Jun / 2014

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Stonehenge solstice celebrations
Organic Food from Solitude Farm
Stonehenge, waiting for sunrise