“Marakilai oonjal” – A collection of children”s songs by Madurai Magal (Poetess R.Meenakshi) மதுரை மகள் (கவிஞர் இரா.மீனாட்சி ) இயற்றிய சிறுவர் பாடல்களின் தொகுப்பு “மரக்கிளை ஊஞ்சல்”.

Each week an episode of various writings of Sri Aurobindo are presented in English, evoking for you perhaps a new understanding, another perspective, a ray of illumination on his explanations of life, the role of mind, of man, and his purpose, his goal of life… Take a short break, tune in and open ...

With this program/podcast Nadia is happy to open a public platform for promoting women’s health & vitality and sharing in-depth information about women’s cyclical wisdom and women’s rites of passage.

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