Donation page – Fund drive 2020

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Intra-Av Donations

Thank you for supporting the AurovilleRadioTV project!

Your support is crucial for us to continue linking you with the life and activities of Auroville through our on-line broadcasting service… and any donation helps.

In 2019 alone, we produced over 250 programs and have welcomed or trained more than 20 volunteers to work with us!

Our priorities in 2020 are to expand and secure the staff support and improve our equipment.
Our 2020 target is to raise just US$ 6,755 (Rupees 480,000) for the following;

– Secure 2 more of team members US$ 5,405 – (384,000 Rupees )

– Video & recording equipment purchase US$ 1,350 – (Rupees 96,000)

We truly appreciate your involvement with AurovilleRadioTV and look forward to your continued support.

With Gratitude,
AurovilleRadioTV Team