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No Rhyme, No Reason

Starting the week with relaxing smooth jazz mix, featuring George Duke, Gourplay, Kim Waters, and many more

George Duke -Fill the need
Ramsey Lewis - People make the world go around
Richard Elliott - Adia
George Howard - Baby come to me
Roy Ayers - Set me free
Al Jarreau - Just to be loved
Will Downing - Free
Anita Baker - Feel the need
Fourplay Sexual
George Duke - No rhyme no reason
Boney James ft Dave Hollister
Gerald Albright - About last night
Kim Waters - True to you
Will Downing and Gerald Albright - Look of love
Fourplay - Closer Iget to you

11th Creative School Concert

This program is about teenagers that travel the world ad perform. For the 11th time we had a chance to see performance of group of students of Creative School, based in South Korea. Children travel around the world, and try to learn, and interact with people, wherever they go.

Garba Dance

Garba is a form of dance which originated in the state of Gujarat in India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit term Garbha ("womb") and Deep ("a small earthenware lamp"). Many traditional garbas are performed around a centrally lit lamp or a picture or statue of the Goddess Shakti. The circular and spiral figures of garba have similarities to other spiritual dances, such as those of Sufi culture (garba being an earlier tradition). Traditionally, it is performed during the nine-day Hindu festival Navaratri Nava = 9,nights). Either the lamp (the Garba Deep) or an image of the Goddess, Durga (also called Amba) is placed in the middle of concentric rings as an object of veneration.

Mor Bole Re
Chand Chadhyo Gignaar
Rupido To Le Mein
Dholida Dhol Dhimo Vaghad (Gujrati)
Odhani Odhu To
Mele Jaun Chhe (Gujarati)
Banna Re Bagan Mein
Ud Ud Re
Pallo Latake
Thane Kajaliyo Banalyun
Chudi Chamke
Mhari Chudiya
Ital Peetal
Gorband Nakhralo
Nakhralo Devariyo
Dhol Dhol Majira
Sagar Pani Bharba
Holiya Mein Ude Re Gulal
Dungar Upar Dungari
Mhara Chhail Bhanwar Ka
Kalyo Kood Padyo

Groovy Jazz Chillout

Sunny, sweet mix of groovy, jazzy , mostly saxophone played tracks .... it might melt you down.

Beyond the Sunset - KoolSax
Lily Was Here - Candee Soulchillaz
The Divine Puppet (Cafe Jazzy Del Mar Mix) - JazzyJazz
Deep in It (Sea Life #1 Mix) - Solitary Man
Dancing With the Sun - Perelandra
People Can't Stop Chillin - Guru Sax
Sunset At Venice Beach L.A. - Sunny Side
Angel Echoes - KoolSax
Missing the Train - Cocktail Groovers
Tiny Little Secrets - Sax and the City Boys
Cafe Del Mar Dreams (Buddha Bar Beach Mix) - Milews
Dubai Island Trip - Cafe
del Chill
Morning Sun (Stella Maris Mix) - Elastique
Late At Night - Downtempo Groovers
Clean Sheets (Sunrise to Sunset Mix) - Avenue Joy
You Are the Only One for Me -Night Smoothers
Evasion - KoolSax

Open Mic night at Solitude Farm

An Open Mic night at Solitude Farm Cafe. Local grown organic food, and home made icecreams.
The event was warmed up by Rolf and Shanks with an instrumental jazzy Bossa Nova version of Autumn Leaves.
Joshua came on stage presenting a few of his own compositions.
The charm of the evening was brought by three young girls: Luna, Lola and Chandini whom told each a joke.
Then Devinj and Barnika sang together blending English and Hindi Pop songs.
Maytria walked on stage on his own, without a guitar, but only with his Beatboxing.
Meenakchi read a couple of original poems (in English) about love and life.
Rohit played a selection of popular Hindi songs.
Then it was the turn of Sudakar, a Solitude Farm volunteer accompanied by Maytria on Beatbox. Sudakar sang a couple of Hindi Pop songs of the '90, a popular Tamil song and more.
The most festive atmosphere was created by the Akash Jacob Superstar quartet accompanied by Rohit on guitar. The Indian audience joined the singing, while somebody in the audience even kept the rhythm on a metal basket.
Preetusha, an internship architect student, read a beautiful original poem on 'thought' (in English).
Shanks and Rolf came back on stage for a couple more pieces, this time Rolf's own compositions: 'Fun Zone', 'Don Quixote and Dulzemia', 'Fruitstall', and 'Kids From Above'.
Finally Joshua presented one last original song, and the night was closed with an original Hindi poem by un unknown student volunteer.

Know Your Rhythm

It all begins with a conversation of improvised rhythms between Arnab and Gino at Sangam Hall, Savitri Bhavan.
Arnab B. Chowdhury shares a few thoughts, rhythms and motifs from his training programme - 'Know Your Rhythm' that helps participants discover musicality, their own sense of rhythm.
Through immersive exercises in a spirit of self-culture and joy, ‘Know Your Rhythm’ creates conditions for participants to experienc Aha! Moments both as individual and a member of the collective. He believes that these Aha! Moments are like opening windows towards Transformation.
In Auroville, 'Know Your Rhythm' (KYR) has been presented to a variety of audiences such as teachers from different schools of Auroville, Tamil Nadu government officials at Sustainable Livelihood Institute, Dakshina Chanting Group, young participants of Swadharma semester programme.
KYR was held as a Pre-Congress Seminar for therapists and medical practitioners at the 14th World Congress for Music Therapy at Vienna (2014) and presented as a research project at the 4th Conference of International Association for Music and Medicine at Beijing (2016).
Arnab is a composer-musician-trainer and a third generation from a family of Indian Classical musicians based out of Sri Aurobindo Ashram. He grew up and studied at the Ashram School and his programme is inspired by Integral Education and the paradigms of Music.

KINO- a Film in 50 hours

Short interview with Tlaloc on Kino Cabaret, and this weekend movie making marathon of 50 hours for a short film. All films will be screened at MMC - Cinema Paradios in Town Hall on Sunday 19th at 5pm, and all are welcome. Tlaloc also explains the meaning of the Kino Cabaret, and mentions that around 22 people participate this time. For all of those who might missed it, there will be a repetition of Kino in December at the time of Auroville Film Festival 2017

Secret Agent

Today's musical podcast features Tony Allen's album Secret Agent.
Tony Oladipo Allen (born 1940 in Lagos, Nigeria) is a Nigerian drummer, composer and songwriter who currently lives and works in Paris. His career and life story have been documented in his 2013 autobiography Tony Allen: Master Drummer of Afrobeat, co-written with author/musician Michael E. Veal, who previously wrote a comprehensive biography of Fela Kuti.
As drummer and musical director of Fela Anikulapo Kuti's band Africa 70 from 1968 to 1979, Allen was one of the primary co-founders of the genre of Afrobeat music. Fela once stated that, "without Tony Allen, there would be no Afrobeat."[2] He has also been described by Brian Eno as "perhaps the greatest drummer who has ever lived."

Secret Agent
Nina Lowo
11.Elewon Po

Smooth Modern Jazz

Today's musical podcast features some of the smooth modern jazz pieces, of which you might even find remixes of evergreen songs of different genres

Tainted Love - Gloria Jones
Jazzistic feat. Karen Souza - Personal Jesus
Smokey Bandits - Subway Hustler (Renegades Of Jazz - Remix)
Mop Mop - Mr. Know It All
The Distractions Band - Ain't No Sunshine/Please Don't Stop The Music
Chet Baker - Almost blue
Creep - Vintage Postmodern Jukebox ft. Haley Reinhar
Richard Cheese - Down With The Sickness
Mop Mop - Blue Soul
Silje Nergaard - Every Time We Say Goodbye
N' Jazz - Toxic
The Cooltrane Quartet - Wonderwall
Alice Russell - Heartbreaker

Vocals in Modern Jazz

Today's musical podcast is about jazz, and vocal in jazz, mostly. Featuring Kellylee Evans, Nenna Freelo,, Ella Fitzgerald, and many more....
Kellylee Evans - Feeling Good
Dave Brubeck - Take Five
Sophie Milman - No More Blues
 Kellylee Evans - Lose Yourself
 Mop Mop - So High
Toco - Samba Noir
 Nenna Freelon - Better Than
Sophie Milman - So Long, You Fool
 Ella Fitzgerald - All that jazz
 Carmen Lundy - So Beautiful
 Yvonne Sanchez - The Girl
Sophie Milman - Something In The Air Between Us
Kellylee Evans - Ordinary People
Alice Russell - Crazy
 Diana Krall - Just The Way You Are
Lisa Ekdahl - Only You
Yvonne Sanchez - Old Devil Moon
Nnenna Freelon (Stevie Wonder) - Overjoyed
 Sophie Milman - La Vie En Rose
Feel Good, Inc. - Gorillaz Smooth Jazz Tribute
Richard Cheese - Chop Suey

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