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Ukrainian Pavilion presents SHCHEDRIJ VECHIR


Saturday 6 of January at 6 pm. Unity Pavilion hosts an Ukrainian event. The Evening of Abundance, Orthodox Christmas. Program for this evening :

- Short Presentation on Ukrainian Culture by Vladimir Yatsenko;
- Short video presentation about beautiful places of Ukraqine and Ukrainian origin;
- Ukrainian folk song concert by Vera, Shakti, Swaha, with Saraswati on flute and Rolf on guitar;
- Dinner ( by registration in UP 0413#2623576, a variety of delicious foods (suggested donation 350 INR by account, cash, or AV card)
- Dancing and singing around the fire;
- Flower Crowns making;
- You can also obtain a shirt with Ukrainian print (on donation basis);
All funds received will go towards the making of the Ukranian Pavilion.

Everybody is welcome! Looking to see you and share with us our Ukrainian space!

Exposure to Bengali Culture

Alpona: Images and Sounds of Bengal

Between August 12 - 22, Bharat Nivas is presenting a panorama of events focusing on the different aspects of Bengali culture - music, textile, painting, cuisine, cinema...

During the Inauguration of the event, Auroville Radio had the opportunity to interview some of the artists and the organizers, and get an insight on the work put behind the realization of this outstanding festival.

Festival for the Guardian Deity

In the Auroville bioregion are many temples associated with the local deities which the villagers propitiate for sound living and greater harmony. One such deity is the Ayyanaar, who is the Guardian of the space, known for keeping negative influences at bay. One can identify this deity by the large red warrior sitting with his two consorts, prominently displayed on the roadside.
The custom of the villagers is to conduct festivals at regular intervals to keep the energy of the deity vibrant and alive. One such festival is the celebration of the 'Marriage day' of Ayyanaar with his consorts. This festival has been celebrated recently on April 24th. It is surprising to see that this day coincides with that of the Mother's Final Arrival day in Pondicherry, April the 24th. Coincidence or synchronicity!?! Just a play of the Divine, maybe!
So on this occasion, the village held an all-night play depicting the story of Ayyanaar in the local folk tradition. Here is the audio of some interesting parts from the 5 hour play.

Introduction to Kabir's poetry

Dr.Sehdev Kumar gives a rich introduction about Kabir's poetry and brief history. The presentation included translation and comments in English, and delicate musical intervals by Chandreshi on flute.
Dr. Sehdev Kumar takes us through the journey of a style of poetry, which was born in India during the 15th century, and stayed alive to this day with its deep philosophical messages.
The cultural and informative event was brought to Auroville by a collaboration of the Pavillon of Tibetian Culture and the Canadian Pavillon.

What does Christmas mean to you? Unity Pavillion X-mas celebratio

Interview with community members & guests about what christmas means to them and highlights from the event

Rabindranath Tagore's Namashkar

A reading of Tagore's famous poem praising Sri Aurobindo...

A talk with Lisbeth and Ashwin

In the hustle of reaching to our destination we often forget to look around the path we are walking on. We just cross a lot of things without even noticing the beautiful depths they bear. And we do the same while going to Pondicherry from Auroville, we pass a small village called Muthialpet. Even the people traveling through this road daily don't know that such a place even exist because they always try to run as fast as they could from there because of all the traffic but in this they forget to consider going inside the village and know it truely. Lisbeth and Ashwin decided to pay a visit to this village. Very impressively they captured the essence of this place in their photographs and exhibited them to let people know this place more closely and not judging it based on the outside traffic. They have showed Muthialpet in every light from dawn to dusk in their exhibition held in Pitanga. To know more about the exhibition and the experience they had while shooting Muthialpet listen to the talk we had with the Photographers.

Comments: 0 Date: 03 May 2017

Taiwanese Pavilion

Taiwanese Pavilion presents Taiwanese culture. Because of historical circumstances, Taiwan has preserved most Chinese traditions and culture, including Confucian philosophies and traditional Chinese calligraphy. The culture of Taiwan is a blend of Confucianist Han Chinese and Taiwanese aborigines cultures. It also embraces Pacific island cultures and Japanese culture. Taiwanese cuisine also has several variations: dishes from the people of Hoklo ethnicity and Aboriginal, Hakka, and local derivatives of Chinese cuisine. A notable Japanese influence also exists due to the period when Taiwan was under Japanese rule. The main intention of the Taiwanese Pavilion is to introduce Taiwanese culture to Aurovillem, focusing on its cultural diversity. Read more: Many events are held by Taiwanese Pavilion in this light to introduce our culture, such as traditional Chinese calligraphy, cultural programmes, Taiwanese tea ceremony, traditional Earth Oven and Taiwanese cuisine workshops. Please visit: For more details, please visit our Facebook page:

Comments: 0 Date: 18 Aug 2017

An Interview with Nistha

Nistha is Veda researcher and teacher, translating and interpreting hymns from the Rig-Veda in English and German. Currently, he is working on a book on the Vedas that discusses Sri Aurobindo’s research In this interview, he talks about his life, what drew him to Auroville and the Vedas as well as his upcoming book.

Celebrating Tamil New Year 2017

A collaboration of Ilaignarkal Education Center and Mohanam Cultural Center, brought together the Tamil New Year celebration in Auroville hosted by Visitor Center.
The Ilaignarkal Education Center is involved with teaching and bringing together the Tamil workers of Auroville. The Mohanam Cultural Center experiment with making different sorts of instruments (mainly percussion, string and wind instruments) out of local material.
Almost like a harvest festival many seasonal fruits and vegetables were presented in honor of the Tamil New Year. Astrological predictions were announced as what the coming year would bring. Live traditional Tamil music and dance enhanced the event.

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