Photographer:Vida | many join in singing traditional songs Photographer:Vida | human unity in singing Photographer:Vida | it all started in front of the Unity Pavilion Photographer:Vida | irena adrressed the audience Photographer:Vida | visiting Natalia and Julya Photographer:Vida | traditional doll made druing the singing Photographer:Vida | young Vaislina with Katarina and Slava
06 Jan / 2019Program by:

Slavic Soul Evening

As per tradition the Christmas of some of Slavic countries is celebrated on 7th of Janaury, and for that day Pavilion Bratstvo(Brotherhood) prepared an evening with singing, dancing and delicious Slavic food to share with the community.
It all started before, outside of Unity Pavilion by playing on different instruments and greeting arriving guests. Joyfull spirit was going on with different songs, sung by many, not only those from countries of Slavic origin but many others, who wanted to join in. At the most known song the numerous audience did join the performers.
In all the joyful evening was accompanied by merry children’s laughter, and of them a brave young one – Vasilina joined the performers with a song.
For the end, a collective dance, and of course dinner.

Definetely the evening could not be so successful if many hands of aurovilians, and guest alike would not participate that or the other way.