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GM & RA on FAMC Revised Mandate

Program by :

Text by the Residents’ Assembly Service:

“Dear Friend, the Auroville Council and the Residents’ Assembly Service (RAS) would like to warmly invite you to a General Meeting on the topic of the revised mandate for the Funds and Assets Management Committee (FAMC).
This meeting will be followed a week later by a Residents’ Assembly Decision-Making Process to ratify or reject the draft mandate.
All residents are encouraged to participate in both events to ensure maximum collective input into our community decisions.
*General Meeting – How is the Revised FAMC Mandate Different to the Existing Mandate?*
In the interests of gaining a better understanding of the functioning of the FAMC under the proposed revised FAMC mandate, the Auroville Council has invited all of the groups that would be represented under the revised mandate to present themselves to a General Meeting and respond to questions relating to their role within the the FAMC under the revised mandate.”

Please find the draft mandate linked here:

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12 Sep / 2014

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Looking to each oterh
Inge opening the meeting