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Daily Archives: 2013/03/09

Spiruline in Windarra farm

Spiruline, a magic waterplant identified as the food of the future for its fantastic healthy components is produced in Auroville since 15 years, the local climate adds an important criterium of quality : SUNDRIED, so the plants don’t lose any quality during that process . This farming is expending in terms of quantity and variety, including news plants often produced outside the farm (alfalfa ……..) as new kinds of farm products . The farm is now totally located in Windarra farm.
More than a job for the workers , a daily slice of life.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Mar 2013

Our Theatre with Prelude

With Jill – member of Auroville Theatre Group, Chankaya – a writer and director of Prelud and Vivek – an actor we were trying to find out what has triggered for Prelude to come on the stage. On solo performance, where we can see how society does define one’s life, the team was working more than a year, and it was a true collaboration in creative process. The main conflict of the character lies in the relationship between the mother and son, where she represents home, religious and moral backgrounds and he tries to brake those in secrecy. — original score by Ayush Gupta —

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Mar 2013
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