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Daily Archives: 2015/11/23

Mother's Q & A – 21 Sept 1955

Mother’s Questions and Answers,
September 21, 1955

Mother speaks about the increasing commercial mentality in the world, and how the world is ill. She explains about the production of cheap books on many subjects, including literature. She explains that the level of the arts is degraded and that the level of what is printed in books is lowered so that more people will buy them. She explains about the necessity for children to have an integral progress in order to develop fully so that their spiritual ascent will be better. This week we have the original French tape recording of Mother’s class, and this particular recording is very special because, for the first time, we have the recording of Mother reading the material before the questions and answers start.

Fair Trade & Climate Change Walk

‘Go Push go’ were the words heard from the group of people supporting Pushpanath for the 450 km long walk, which commenced from Gandhi Thidal in Pondicherry on the 20th of November, Friday.
The intention of the walk is to create awareness about climate change and support the newly proposed Fair Trade Twin Towns – Pondicherry and Auroville.
Even though the 64 year old activist has ‘ageing legs’, as he said, the ‘extra-ordinary’ downpour of rain, in fact encouraged him more for the walk, as the cause for the same was more important and needed for the living community around the globe.
The first stop being Auroville, we saw Push sipping cups of chai and grabbing some pieces of cake at the Visitor’s Centre. Listen to what he has to say about the incredible journey and his ideas of climate change.
Join hands with him by knowing more about his stops between Pondicherry and Ooty, his final destination. The walk ends on the 10th of December!

Comments: 1 Date: 23 Nov 2015

Mime Waits, 11th Day of Rain

Intoday’s news we are featuring Drupad inviting us to a gala mime show – Mime Wait for Godot tonight at 7.30pm at Sri Aurobindo Auditorium, Bharat Nivas, Pavilion of India.

Wednesday the 25th, November 2015 at 6 pm Deepam Celebration of Light.

On Tuesday 24th November between 10am and 11 am the ACUR team welcomes all Town Hall users to enjoy a drink and snack on the occasion of the opening of the renovated ACUR Canteen – City Center Cafe in its new location next to Vehicle Service .

Tuesday 24th, November at 10.45 am we are invited to join Savitri Bhavan for the ??First Brick Ceremony for Sangam Hall.

Tuesday 24th , November,between 4 pm to?? 6 pm we are welcomed to the opening ceremony of Auroville Design Service (AVDZINES) new wing at Mangalam campus (in between Well Paper & Bamboo Centre)

11th day of rain in Tamil Nadu – Schools and colleges in the district of Cuddalore, Pondy state, Villupuram, Thiruvanur, Nahapattinag, Tiruvanamali and Vellore will not function today due to the heavy rain. District collector Mr Sureshkumar asked the people to be safe and avoid two wheeler riding. Gomukhi dam has released water and it will join the Manimutharu….so people adjoining the Manimutharu are requested to move to safer place, emergency call to Cuddalore – Chidambaram road totally comes to halt due to heavy water in the road. Veedur Dam in Villupuram district is nearing its full capacity; at any time dam might be opened; so people adjoining the area are requested to the safe.

The true aim of the life is to find the Divne’s Presence deep inside oneself and to surrender to it so that it takes the lead of the life, all the feelings and all the actions of the body.
This gives a true and luminous aim to existence.
The Mother

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