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Category Archives: Infrastructure

Waste Water Managemnt for RZ

Today's meeting at SAIIER's conference room organized by TDC/L'Avenir d' Auroville, and presented by Jan was trying to point out that city does need move from ad hoc situation of building (as it was done in past) to an urban region with proper planning, starting with infrastructure. In regards to it also the sewage system has its own place, and for many reasons should be put in place quite soon. Jan presented one of the possibilities for the common waste water treatment of Residential Zone 1 and 2, which is clearly not in favor of the community. Since GOI grants were allocated to deal with those problems , and since the population of the Zone is rapidly growing , a solution needs to be found. After all, water is life, and water contaminated with too many of e.coli can be devastating for the population, apart from many other unwanted ingredients.     TDC announcement

During recent years considerable funds from GOI and other sources have been invested to develop the Sector 1 and 2 of the Residential Zone. As new residences have been built, roads and the technical infrastructure for drinking water supply and electricity network have been expanded. Similarly we would like to build up a waste water management system which is able to deal with the increasing demand. The system should be ecologically sound and provide recycled waste water for irrigation in parks and gardens. A detailed study was carried out to compare different options and determine the best suitable technique. The proposed design consists of a sewer system which connects to a single treatment plant. The treated water undergoes further purification and is then pumped back into the communities to be used for gardening. The sludge, separated during the treatment is post- processed at the treatment plant and can be used as compost in parks and gardens. In the first phase communities along the Vikas Radial are connected to a main sewer that runs along this Radial. A second sewer will be built along the Samasti-Solar Kitchen Radial and the remaining communities are connected in the following phases. The project is expandable to serve the entire planned population of these two sectors of the Residential Zone.

Comments: 0 Date: 27 Jan 2016

Content at the Speed of Light

Today Andrea met with Manu, Yahalom, Chandresh and Dyuman to discuss the implementation and the use of the fiber optic network in Auroville.
In the coming weeks some testing will start at the AurovilleRadio/TV in order to provide live audio video content.
Some events happening in public buildings will be visible in a dedicated video channel.
Actually some schools and about 5 public buildings are served but this service will be enlarged soon.
The next phase of the fiber infrastructure is to connect some missing communities, other public buildings and later also housing settlements will be reached by the fiber.
In the coming 2/3 years around 500 residents may avail of the hi speed network and associated services.
The ICITI project was initiated by JV Avadhanulu and Chandresh Patel.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Jul 2015

Accessible Auroville

Susmita spiega in un questa intervista il progetto Accessible Auroville.
L'obbietivo principale e' di abbattere le barriere architettoniche ad Auroville per rendere ogni luogo accessibile a tutti.

The objectives of our Accessible Auroville project are, firstly, to raise and develop awareness of the concept and issues of accessibility in Auroville and, secondly, to be instrumental in bringing about the necessary changes in the layout, construction and facilities of our built environments that will make them accessible to all.

Comments: 0 Date: 24 Mar 2015

The Masterplan by l'Avenir

In January 2012, we spoke to Cristo of the l'Avenir d'Auroville about the work of the planning office with regards to the greenbelt masterplan and the recent cyclone. Cristo tells us the story of the development of the masterplan and also his own involvement in the project. We learn the aims, challenges, learnings, the laws and regulations of l'Avenir. There is much to be learnt here about the complexities involved in development of the 'land-use' plan and building standards, especially with regards to natural calamities like cyclones.

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Jan 2012

Accessible transportation for all

Susmita, working at Accessible Auroville, and Sauro, working at l’'Avenir d'’Auroville, received a donation from Italy to purchase a bus for public transport in Auroville. They are telling us how they have changed it into an Accessible Public Bus’ first one in Tamil Nadu: everyone will be able to use it. This bus will be a model for the future ones. Accessibility creates an inclusive society where would pave the way for equal rights and participation of people with temporary or permanently reduced mobility in all community activities. Access and Accessible refer to the freedom of choice to enter approach, communicate or make use of a situation or environment without assistance and undue difficulties. Accessibility means to create an inclusive community: to embrace the ideals of all people living together harmoniously in a barrier – free world without fear of exclusion and discrimination. Nowadays in all countries the accessibility has become compulsory.

Comments: 2 Date: 19 Dec 2015

Joy of Learning-The Master Plan

Tuesday July 21st from 4:30 to 6:30 pm in SAIIER Conference Hall the Auroville Campus Initiative organized the 3rd session of the Joy of Learning on; Exploring the Auroville Master Plan.
Amy, Deoyani, Lalit, Mike, Min, and Sophie have also created a quiz for you to test your knowledge on the topic

Presenters and topics;

Lalit - 'The History of the Master Plan'
Sauro - 'Key Features of the Master Plan and Evolution of Planning in Recent Times - Perspectives and Critical Aspects'
Toine - 'Legal and statutory Framework of Planning and Development; Infrastructure Planning and Development'

Comments: 2 Date: 22 Jul 2015

AVI Canada’s Christian F

Christian F is here in Auroville completing some of the tasks with regard to the International Zone- These Including fencing and connecting water to the site around the Inuksuk  for plants and protection.
Seemingly simple steps are not always so easy to achieve since visions have to align themselves and the need for both planning and flexibility have to be found. AVI Canada's has also taken the initiative to help the Youth with small grants for housing.

Comments: 0 Date: 17 Feb 2015

Auroville Community Network

The educational research network of Auroville is being set up with 15km of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) to 17 building clusters. This will be completed by December 2015 but covers about 15% of Auroville.
The next part of the project is to connect other buildings, units and residences and provide community services such as:

· Community wide (intercom) telephony
· Broadcast of AV Radio & TV, meetings, seminars and events
· Tele-services in education, health care and outreach
· Audio/ Video/ Web conferencing / Community browsing centres to make the services available to one and all
· E-surveillance of sensitive mobility areas
· Digital archives

The goal of this project is to create a platform to:

1. Enable borderless participation and collaboration in manifesting the Dream
2. Provide eco-friendly alternatives to travel within Auroville and outside
3. Expand the presence of Auroville beyond the geographical area of the City
Implementing this project by 2018 creates a new window to make Auroville belong to the whole of Humanity during the 50th Anniversary of Auroville.

Network Team: Anand, Chandresh, Dyuman, JV (Remote Participation) and Manu

To download the Power Point presentation Click Here.

The presentation was recorded in SAIIER Conference Hall.

Matrimandir Gardens Presentation

Mira and Mark presented their plans for the  gardens to the public at Cinema Paradiso on August 31.
Special guests were Richard and Kailas who spoke frequently with The Mother regarding her conceptions for the garden.
Kailas had strong comments on the Garden of Life. Audience comments related to water use, creating gardens which bloomed in late afternoon, possible recreational use for the gardens and music.
The entire presentation will be on AVNet with a period for comments opening soon. 

Comments: 3 Date: 02 Apr 2015

Lalit on Queens University & CEPT

Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute shares the experience of hosting 2 different groups of visiting planning students from Queens University, Canada & CEPT, Ahmedabad - It was very enriching for all, says Lalit, Programme coordinator. Auroville being an inspiring & interdisciplinary learning field provided very conducive environment to experience a different way of life which gave them a very real life glimpse of integral life & sense of purpose.

Apart from having a wide range of presentations, interactions & site visits, documentation activity, 2 workshops (on Beach Erosion & Planning for Dream City) were also conducted. Download the Final Report - Queens University Canada Auroville Planning Studio December 2012 ' Web album & photos containing information about 'Holistic Sustainability Programme' for CEPT Planning (UG) Students, December 2012, Auroville. Learning objectives & photos of various activities & visits. ' ' '

Comments: 0 Date: 14 Jan 2013