Today we travel through the universal vital planes and through the human vital planes. When we go with Savitri, we see her experience of the energies which affect all people. With the King we travel through the universal vital planes As he does his yoga for the world, he solves the mystery of Life's pain and struggle when Life has to be in a human body. It answers the age-old question; "Why is life so hard to live?

Today we start our inner journeys to the soul and to the soul of the world. Our soul is in the center of our subtle being, in the heart chakra. The World Soul is in the world's heart, at the center of Creation. Today we begin to learn about the subtle planes of a human being and the subtle universal planes. These two soul journeys are in Sri Aurobindo's epic poem, Savitri. The journey to the individual soul is the story of Mother's yogic experiences and realizations. The journey to the soul of the world is the story of Sri Aurobindo's yogic experiences and realizations.

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