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A mix of tribal and tropical grooves from Dj Boochie

Hello, I am Nicolas (DJ Boochie) and I come from a state not much bigger than Auroville: The Republic of San Marino 🙂 I currently live in Brussels (Belgium) working in music as an art director and promoter, as well as a DJ. I have recently started a new web radio called Kiosk Radio, streaming music live, every day, from a small wooden kiosk in Brussels’ central park. In the past few days in Auroville I have realized that the number 12 is important and recurrent in this project. I have therefore selected 12 tracks that have been particularly important for me over the last year. Expect a mix of tribal and tropical grooves, traveling from South Africa to Guadalupe, passing through Belgium and, of course, Italy.

Comments: 0 Date: 09 Jan 2018

Africal tribal dance

At the very beginning of Hibiscus festival this band played just one song, Louis and Patrick on djembe, Joel on bass while Audrey was involving the dancers.

High Spirits

Musical journey through spaces of the planet, searching for sacred indigenous music with meditative, healing and spiritual values.


Ingoma – Songs of African-
Dreamtime – Australia
Power of the Soul – Mognolia
Faint Psirit – Japam
Celtic Chants
Helaing Soul Spirit Song – Mongolia
Drums of Thunder – Native America
Congo – Jerry Goldsmith
harat olam – Yinon darwish- Izrael
Izlel e Delio
haidutin – Stas Rivera
No Night in Zion – Luciano Nyabinghi prayer
Medieval Anthem – Peter Crowley
Spirit of Praise – Xa Ndiyekelelwa Nguwe

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Aug 2015
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