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Photographer:pritica | A stilol from Kala Pallavi Photographer:pritica | Musicians Photographer:pritica | performance stil of vandana supriya Photographer:pritica | A stil from Abinayam Photographer:pritica | Dancers Photographer:pritica | performance stil of poorinima karthik

An Odissi Recital

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Saturday evening as the people gathered at Adishakthi to enjoy the music and dance performance which was organized by the crew of Adishakthi. Vandana Supriya, Poornima Kartick, Shruthi S Kamath, Sibashankar Satapathy, Ganesh Desai, Prakash presented their different styles of Odissi. which describes the beauty of sculptures dance form. Odissi is known as the 8th classical dance form in our country. Odissi is dance which elevated to design the conciseness.  There were various dance presentations like Kala Pallavi which refers to an abstract of pure dance form, and Abinayam which refers to the expression of sentiments of deep emotions.

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04 May / 2016

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A stilol from Kala Pallavi
performance stil of vandana supriya
A stil from Abinayam
performance stil of poorinima karthik