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Between East and West

Program by :

Featuring musicians from different corners of  Balkan
Gibonni, Oliver Dragojevic, Toni Cetinski, Zeljko Joskimovic and Tose Proeski (recently was anniversary of his death on 16th of October 2007)….

Oliver & Gibonni – Sreca
Gibonni – Onako, od oka
Tony Cetinski-Kad zena zavoli.
Tose Proeski – Cija si
Tos?e Proeski & Gianna Nannini – Aria
Toni Cetinski Zena nad zenama
Gibonni Mirakul
Zeljko Joksimovic & Toni Cetinski – Zabluda
Gibonni – Libar
Tose Proeski – Zena Balkanska
Miso Kontrec – Zaigrajte mi cigani
Tose Proeski – Igra bez granica
Gibonni Cinim pravu stvar

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