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IZ Pavilion Groups Meeting

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The International Zone Coordination Team has members of many nations in Auroville. They plan for the physical development of the IZ but also for the development of advanced research e.g. “Research of the Soul/Genius of the Nation”, events and activities.
With the coming 50th Anniversary of Auroville in 2018, the IZ Coordination Team would like to start a 3 year development plan for the IZ which has been presented and discussed at 
The Pavilion Groups meeting / IZ Team general meeting of Wednesday, March 11th  chaired by Linda-Grace.
The topics of the meeting were: Securing part of the IZ with a fence; Habitat development, temporary housing / -pavilions / -cluster of pavilions / -continental centers and Activities along the Crown road e.g. the Russian Cafe project, Internet cafe, International Guest House, etc.and development of the infrastructure. (Loop road and Integral Water management)
Additionally, a proposal to start a study group to determine the definition of nations and geo-cultural groupings was introduced.
Active new members are welcome.

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14 Mar / 2015

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International Zone Coordinating Committee
Proposal for Securing International Zone
Habital Proposal A
Habitat Proposal B
Nation and Geo-Cultural Group Study Issues