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Photographer:Youri | New Colors Photographer:Youri | Happy Dancing children<br />
Photographer:Youri | Renana Photographer:Youri | Kumar welcomes you Photographer:Youri | Musicians Photographer:Youri | Audiance Photographer:Youri | Young singing girl

New Colors Masala Stage

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New Colors is a learning and social support center for underprivileged children living in and around Edayanchavdy. Nikadass, alias Kumar, opened it in 2002. He was born in Auroville on March 9, 1979 and is an Udavi School Grade 3 teacher of Sports, Tamil and additional subjects. In 2006 Kumar married Israeli native Renana. They live together in the village. Renana has a high school diploma in agricultural geography and economics, a degree in civil engineering, and a degree in architectural and interior design engineering.

Renana has also copleted a course in casting blocks of land in CSR, Auroville. New Colors is a grass roots organization that correlates education, sustainable community development and individual empowerment. it is a progressive educational and creative learning center. Their main service offered is the provision of a free after school-program for underprivileged village children.

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New Colors
Happy Dancing children<br />
Kumar welcomes you
Young singing girl