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Photographer:Amadea | Samira Bose Photographer:Amadea | Samira Bose Photographer:Amadea | Samira Bose Photographer:Amadea | Samira Bose

"Radio Girl"

Program by :

Samira Bose, our volunteer for past month shares some thoughts on volunteering, AVRadio, Avillians, projects, love and life…
Although she appears very confident , calm yet energetic, she admits that at her arrival after graduating from University, was at a confusing threshold of her life.
During her first visit to Auroville, she volunteered at Buddha Garden and perceived  the city through rose colored glasses. This time round at the radio, she has managed to peel some layers, and peek closer to what this city with its ideals is about. Although still a bit romantic with a big portion of idealism, she sees the reality of it.
With that what she is, and to what she will become, with all her enthusiasm and will to learn, work, and actively participate, she has won the hearts of our team, and radio public, …. a genuine “radio girl”, who fell in love with many people, fell in love with one, and fell in love with Auroville.

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27 Oct / 2015

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Samira Bose
Samira Bose
Samira Bose
Samira Bose