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Between Earth and Sky

Exploring ancient , sacred music of the world. Traveling from West to East, from Today to Yesterday, and back….

God is sufficient unto me
Russian orthodox angelic song
Libera – You were there
I Love The Lord, He Heard My Cry (Old Meter Hymns) Rev Timothy Flemming
Varsity Sing- Indela-Koloi
Meditation Music Of Ancient Egypt]- Sacred Ceremony,
A Ka Dua – A Musickal Celebration of the Thelemic Holy Days
Imee Ooi – Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra
Radiant Heart. Shadi Toloui-Wallace
Shinto Japanese Music
Nepal, Tibet and the Himalayas – Tibetan Chant sung by Dechen
Native American – Music – (Shoshone)
Mayan Civilization Music
Musica Pre Hispanica-El Aguila Blanca
Nyahbinghi Elders Trodding To Zion

Comments: 0 Date: 16 Jul 2017

Aha Kindergarten fair

An evening of wonderful performances, fun activities and joyous conversations for kids and grown-ups on Saturday, 3rd September 2016.
Create synergy with Mantra chanting
Sway to Krishna’s music
Art activities
Face painting
Beat time to African drums
Dinner by Wells cafe

High Spirits

Musical journey through spaces of the planet, searching for sacred indigenous music with meditative, healing and spiritual values.


Ingoma – Songs of African-
Dreamtime – Australia
Power of the Soul – Mognolia
Faint Psirit – Japam
Celtic Chants
Helaing Soul Spirit Song – Mongolia
Drums of Thunder – Native America
Congo – Jerry Goldsmith
harat olam – Yinon darwish- Izrael
Izlel e Delio
haidutin – Stas Rivera
No Night in Zion – Luciano Nyabinghi prayer
Medieval Anthem – Peter Crowley
Spirit of Praise – Xa Ndiyekelelwa Nguwe

Comments: 0 Date: 12 Aug 2015

Singing From The Heart

Yesterday late afternoon in Svedame, the Buterfly barn had the privilege to host Upahar Anand, for a single session. Upahar, originally from the UK, lives in Tiruvannamalai, site of Ramana Maharshi ashram, sacred mount Arunachala and a town of spiritual pilgrimage. He is an accomplished and experienced multi-instrumentalist, adept on harmonium, guitar, drum, vocals and flute. He has an extensive repertoire of chants and songs. Please enjoy his powerful Kirtan.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Oct 2013
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