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Letter of IAC to Community

In today’s news awe are featuring Letter from IAC members to the community – saying that a new Governing Board for the Auroville Foundation is in the process ofbeing nominated. They are all delighted that Dr. Karan Singh will continue as the Chairman of the
new Board. As is the practice, a new IAC will also be constituted soon thereafter and they felt this might be an appropriate time to write to us and share a few thoughts.
IAC are Mark Tully Vishakha Desai Shaunaka Rishi Das Kabir Shaik Julian Lines

We have another 2 days left for feedback on new Entry Policy .

On Monday,19th June 4-5 pm we are invited to a Presentation at SLI. On re-design training process For Rural Development Institutes of Tamil Nadu Government..

You are immortal; you exist for billions of years in different manifestations, because you are Life, and Life cannot die.
Don Miguel Ruiz

Colllective Shift

Through interesting interview with Inge from Residents Assembly Service we hear what is behind the today’s invitation to a joyful and different sharing. After the meeting of Action Groups which came out of Retreat 2015 on 29th the whole group felt that is time to change things.
Today we will be holding together a collective space of silence, we will be holding collective space in silence ……
….we will be receiving inspirations as individual members of collective aspiration….

The General Meeting on the report on Action Groups of Retreat will happen on Saturday 19th of September in Unity Pavilion, International Zone.

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