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Category Archives: Governance

The Mentor Pool Meeting

On Saturday the 18th of November 2017, at the Tibetan Pavilion, there was an information sharing meeting on the updated entry process.
The main focus of this session was to inform on the changes to the new entry process and the impact it will have on New Comers and Mentors.
One of the changes to the entry process is the launching of Yucca, a three days introduction to Auroville for people interested in applying as New Comers. The first session of Yucca will take place between the 23rd and the 25th of November.
The main topic of the meeting was the importance of the involvement of mentors, and it was discussed that more Aurovillians are urged to step forward and offer themselves as mentors.

After the meeting some video interviews were done with some of those present, please go to this link to see

GM for Entry Policy Final Draft

On the 26th August 2017 a general meeting was held at the Unity Pavillion to try to finalize the new draft for the Entry Policy. The main concerns seemed to be about the wording changes, which were Entry to Admission and Exit to Termination, which got resolved, and also what to do if the majority decide not to go ahead with the new policy, which also was resolved.

CAT-3 on Auroville Charter

Mita, Inge and Sandhira were facilitating the CAT-3 ( Create Auroville Together ) on 8th dec2016. All the residents in Auroville were invited to this new form of interactive workshops being organized, which has the intention to revitalize the spirit of Auroville in all its residents and in-turn into all the actions and decisions we make. It is also a space where Aurovillians can come together and put on their thinking cap and maybe look old virtues with new perspective. The mood of the workshop was very joyous and participants were feeling good to mingle amongst each other, as the format of the workshop was very interactive. At the end of the workshop, participants , each gave their personal sharing on their relation with the Auroville charter and what values it imbibe's into them. And as the name suggest, Creating Auroville Together, participants were clearly feeling the joy of being together and looking out for each other. The workshop ended , on a very creative note, the participants together formed , the Auroville Symbol and recited the opening part of the Auroville Charter. " Auroville belongs to no one ... one must be a willing servitor of the divine "

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Dec 2016

Working Groups Selection day 3

On the 21st October 2016 Aurovillians gathered at the Unity Pavillion to begin a 3 day process to select new members for the three working groups, The Working Committee, The Auroville Council and The Funds & Assets Management Committee. All came together with hope and enthusiasm to take things forward in a fresh way, with the knowledge that all inspiration and ideas emerge from the silence within and to try to select members, through this seemingly unique process, who could reflect this understanding along with the practical skills needed for the roles. The proceedings were led by Inge Rieck.

Comments: 0 Date: 28 Oct 2016

GM on Code of Conduct

On the 23rd of October a general meeting was held to discuss the topic of "code of conduct for all trusts and units of the Auroville Foundation". There was a good presentation along with many questions and doubts being raised.

Welcoming the new Governing Board

A community gathering to welcome the New Governing Board members took place on Sunday the 13th of August. During the meeting there was also the launching of two books made in Auroville. One was 'Journall" from Sri Aurobindo Cente for Studies, and the other one was 'Inauguration of Auroville' - Concept and Purpose.

General Meeting On Appeal Process

A General Meeting was organized by the Auroville Council and facilitated by Elisa and Niva, representing the appeal process sub-group. The residents of Auroville were invited to be part of this meeting to clear any doubts, to put forth their suggestions and views and ultimately reach a stage were a clear decision on the mandate of the appeal process is possible to be agreed upon. The appeal process comes out in form of a relief for those Aurovillians, who had difference in opinion towards some of the decisions passed by the main working groups for the first year experiencing the process. In the past, Aurovillians had no option but to rely and keep total faith on the good will of the working groups. The basic grievance often experienced is in a situation, where he feels maybe if more vital data or crucial experiences were shared with that particular working group, maybe the decision could have been made under different light. To tackle these arbitrary situation correctly and consciously, the Auroville Council has created the appeal process. The decisions appealed against, will be subject to case by case review with an intention to uphold the ideals of Auroville at all time and support improving the decision making process of the working groups. The final ratification decision of the appeal process will be completed via the RAS . For any further information, the Auroville Council may be contacted.

Comments: 0 Date: 13 Dec 2016

Exploring Prosperity Gathering

Since a few months a movement has started in Auroville, a movement of reasoning and result.
A few community members have come together and are backing an initiative by the name of 'Exploring Prosperity'. The group made an introduction in one of the 'CAT' meeting. They shared an open letter which spoke of their agenda of work. They invited other community members to join this initiative. There was a signature campaign. On 17th Oct they organized a 1st gathering of all the people wishing to join this collective work. More than 40 people attended the meeting and selected an area of work to participate. The process was inclusive and involving, here the participants in groups shared what is their definition for Auroville Prosperity and then worked on pointing out what are the real obstacles in achieving this kind of prosperity.
the meeting ended with, group members self organizing their next steps and the path they wish to take as a collective to explore solution to all the obstacles realized during this exercise.
The Team is committed to re-allign Auroville to its original ideal and vision, and not focus too much on finding faults but investing energy in finding solutions which can bring prosperity to Auroville.
To contact the Exploring Prosperity Team, email on -

How can we restructure the TDC ?

Presentation by the core group, selected to come up with 'Terms of Reference' which will further enable the Auroville Council, and the community on the whole in fulfilling this daunting task of re-structuring the Town Planning & Development Council (TDC). Last year, the Auroville council was asked to facilitate a process to restructure the TDC, the core group working on this comprised of Martin, Sauro, Pashi, Shama, Suhasini, Mamta, Elvira, Lionel and Christiane. The presentation was fully loaded with useful content and consist of guidelines through which restructuring of TDC could be accomplished. The depth of the content and the importance of this procedure saw the meeting going into overtime with only a few people ready to leave this discussion midway. A lot of healthy debate and constructive insights were offered by the members of the community attending the presentation. The group had invited a special artist to create infographics ( to help break down the heavy content and had created many posters and charts to help envision the key points in reference and the overall presentation was concise. But a point noted by Sauro was, "in the meeting too much time was used in discussing the organization and selection process rather than the content" but maybe that underscores the people's intimate involvement and keen sense for details for restructuring of one of our most important working group, which will directly be responsible in shaping our future in Auroville. To download the PDF presentation click here

Comments: 1 Date: 19 Mar 2017

Working Committee Interacts

Yesterday's General Meeting on interaction with the Working Committee.
Members of the Working Committee gave an update on their work, with clarification on some subjects.

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