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Photographer:web | Toshi Malik R.I.P. Photographer:Alma | around Town Hall Photographer:web | Anna Breytenbach - an animal commmunicator Photographer:web | Anna Breytenbach , MMC 2 10.30am on 28th of June Photographer:web | Anna Breytenbach Photographer:Alma | around Town Hall Photographer:Alma | around Town Hall

YES or NO Twice

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At the occasion of decision making event on 28th of June you will now be asked to respond to two YES or NO question to ratify on the Working Committee and on Auroville Council as a result of the last, extra General Meeting on 21st of June. You can vote online from today until 28.6. Click on and simply follow the instructions. In Person – at Solar Kitchen on 28th between 10am to 4pm. A bit later, at 5pm at Savitri Bhavan Amphitheater in international Zone we are invited to a Sat Sang “A sharing for spiritual upliftment”.

The only hope for the future is in a change of man’s consciousness and the change is bound to come.
The Mother

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23 Jun / 2014

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Toshi Malik R.I.P.
around Town Hall
Anna Breytenbach - an animal commmunicator
Anna Breytenbach , MMC 2 10.30am on 28th of June
Anna Breytenbach
around Town Hall
around Town Hall