Photographer:Zarin | Andrea reflecting on past 14 years, positively looking into the future
06 Dec / 2018Program by:
Featured: AndreaLanguage: English

14 Years of AurovilleRadioTV with Andrea

Back in on 5th of December 2004, when Andrea along with Daniel has published first official broadcast of AurovilleRadioTV, the physical reality was very much different to today’s one. From “stone age” we arrived in past few years with incredible speed into a virtual reality of fast internet connections, and technical advances of gadgets, such as are mobile phones, which can do and connect with the “speed of light” on a budget, and co-create the reality of communication.
Yet, the particularity of our city also define the way we do (or not) communicate among ourselves, and to the outside world.
Andrea has been always striving to be as transparent as possible, and while providing the true service to the community, and others, keeping the ideals of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo in his sight.
In past 14 years hundreds of people walked through our doors, shared, learned, and teaching us, while trying to provide the content that community, and as well the outside world could understand.