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Daily Archives: 2015/02/08

NNF – Not Negative Feedback !

This is the biggest and most welcome event happening in Auroville.
During the years the slogan “Run for the joy of Running” became a tangible fact. Everibody is happy. Asking questions to members of the community, volunteers, runners you will get the same feedback: Beautifully organized. Beautiful place. Perfect. From my side I can say that is a pleasure to go around interviewing people who appreciates the efforts of the organizing team and Auroville as community.
The Auroville’s 8th Marathon was a success.


Comments: 3 Date: 08 Feb 2015

Oriental Experiences Jazz

Despite numbers of events last night in Auroville many came to CRIPA in Kalabhumi to listen to Oriental Experiences Impresionistic Jazz where Hartmut, Rolf and Matt gave their concert.
Pianist Hartmut well know to home audience, continues his exploration in music, and for that occasion joined with Rolf on bass and Matt on drums. Impresionistic experiences of mellow jazz took us into different cultural spaces with its rhythm and color.
Although mellow, the impression was joyful, lively … made all reluctant to leave.

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Feb 2015
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