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Daily Archives: 2015/06/08

Solar Energy Study AV Consulting

Here, Vikram and Clementine from Auroville Consulting shed light on the recent study they had conducted on “Energy Sources within Auroville”.
The project was sponsored by Varuna Auroville and a pilot survey was conducted on a sample group within the Greenbelt for the same.

The project analysis covered four parameters: economical, social, technical and environmental . Listen to the results and recommendations of the project here.
AV Consulting Energy Study

Comments: 0 Date: 08 Jun 2015

Savitri Book VII, Canto III

The Fourth Part

Savitri has been seeking her soul in matter’s body. On her inner journey she has traveled far, but she has not yet found her soul, or even seen the influence of the soul in the different places she has gone. She has seen the cries of life, the instinct of the senses, the action of life energies and the government of mind over life, but all without the presence of the soul.
Now Savitri travels through the place where the intellect rules, but the soul is not here, so she travels on across her silent self, still searching. At last she meets someone who can show her the road to follow to find her secret and mysterious soul.

Fire, Holy Water

The Sanjeevinagar Temple festival at Sanjeevinagar Village today from 6pm to 8pm Fire walking festival, tomorrow Turmeric holy water festival from 6pm to 8pm.

At Solitude at Organic Farm Cafe on the 8th, 9th, 10 and 11th of June workshop focusing on use of banana stem.

BCC would like to remind / inform the community that if you receive a maintenance, the in-kind part of the maintenance that is allocated for food items (Rs. 1200/m presently) goes to the Pour Tous Purchasing Service (PTPS) by default for you to use. 
However, individuals can choose to either allocate and use the entire amount or half of it per month to PTPS (default), Food Link, and HERS. You could also choose to use this amount towards your Pour Tous Distribution Center (PTDC) membership where you will need to pay the remaining balance required for a membership. 

The aim of this yoga is an opening to a higher Divine Truth beyond life, mind and body and the transformation of these three things into its image.
Sri Aurobindo

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