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Daily Archives: 2016/08/04

Is There a Housing Crisis in AV?

After months of research ARA core group invited the community to sharing yesterday at Unity Pavilion. After opening remarks we heard the report of the study group on the topic of housing, which has asked itself “Crisis, yes, but what crisis?
Close to hundred members of the community participated in the following part of work in groups to find either long or short term solution for housing crisis.
In the last part all ten groups shared their suggestions and proposals.
To that event continuation follows – maybe in next two weeks, and with a big hope of active participation, especially of those who are affected the most by the addressed topic.

Goals of IYD

In today’s news we are featuring short interview with Nikethana from Youth link inviting us to the International Youth Day which will be celebrated here in AV on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th at Unity Pavilion.

Today at 3.30pm CHIRU invites us all to Aurovilian Conversations on second floor in Town Hall. Today’s topic by Juergen, Andrea, Giacomo and Luigi – Why Auroville, why International Zone: War and Peace

Saturday 6th of August Summer Night event at SveDame from 7pm onward starting with dinner, screening the movie, continue with live band, followed by DJ.

The whole life turned towards the Divine, offered to the Divine, at the service of the Divine, to become little by little an expression of the Divine.
The words of The Mother, Vol. 14

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