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Daily Archives: 2016/09/20

5th LUYE festival at Solitude

Solitude farm is coming up with its 5th Eco Music Festival called “Lively Up your Earth” on the 24th of September 2016, which is on a Saturday from 2pm-11pm..

It is the festival of Creativity, Joy and Music and values about mother Earth. They will be conducting Workshops on various topics like Permaculture, Organic Cooking, etc and also have activities for the kids like face painting, t-shirt painting and many more. Also they will have live bands playing their music, followed by a nice jam session and a organic dinner..

So inviting all, and especially Aurovilians, to join and contribute in the celebration and workshops done by our very fellow family members from other Auroville communities.
Time to come together and cherish the values and gifts showered by mother earth, in a fun-filled, joyous and creative way.

Mother's Q & A – 15/2/56

Mother’s Questions & Answers, February 15, 1956

Mother speaks of the teachings of the Bhavagad Gita and the part of the spiritual guidance in the Gita which is not the truth. She explains why people follow it. She also explains the difference between human consciousness and animal consciousness. Mother says there are countless people in the world who may be convinced of the truth of a teaching but are not capable of realizing it, and she also says that it does not depend so much on the path one follows; it depends on the capacity one has.

Greenbelt land use plan

David Stein made a presentation to people of Auroville on his green belt land use plan. This plan is available on auronet and is waiting for an approval from Aurovillians. In near future a general meeting is being organized to understand and take a decision about action to be taken. The key note David Stein emphasised on was, by adopting the land use plan, we can start the process of getting legal status for Auroville buildings. David Stein along with the priority of adopting the plan, highlighted on the situation of increasing salinity in the ground water in Auroville and urged the people of the city to take urgent action to avoid dire situations in future. David said he is available for further comments and feedback , regarding the green belt land use plan.

Interview with Noel Parent

Noel Parent speaks about the forth coming International peace day celebrations on the 21st September and the Auroville peace month which will continue up to the 21st October.

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