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Daily Archives: 2016/09/23

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talk by kavita, josh, ganesh and participants

Peace Day Sound Meditation

Sound meditation played by Aurellio and Andreas from Svaram for the International Peace Day celebration at the Unity Pavillion on the 21st of September.

Savitri, B. II, C. V, Part 4

Savitri, Book II The Book Of The Traveller Of The Worlds, Canto V The Godheads Of The Little Life, Part 4

The Traveller is moving towards the end of the little life and Sri Aurobindo speaks of the greater future that awaits when our soul awakens and we learn at last who lives unseen within us. The Little Life is only a provisional scheme; A false appearance sketched by a limiting mind and sense. When the Traveller first came to the Godheads of the Little Life, he plunged his gaze into the sea of mist to see the small vital beings lurking and working there. On his way out of the mist, traveling in the wounded gloom, he shore his way through the astral chaos like one who walks without a guide, treading a soil that failed beneath his feet.

Interview with David Stein

David Stein presented his plan for the land use of the green belt area. He also speaks about the ways we can build relations with local villagers to increase on our good will. Currently AVF owns only 25% of the land marked out originally for green belt zone. David prepares us for hard work ahead of us, in areas of resolving local governance issues, preservation of ground level water reserves, infrastructure development by local villagers which can hamper the idea behind green belt use. David gave very specific and enlightening methods which can spearhead growth and development and urged for the people of Auroville to adopt to the proposed plan, so that the real work of implementing the plan can begin. He suggested we are losing on time as the development and in some case depletion of certain resources can strangle the growth of the city entirely, for example the rise in salinity in our ground level water reserves. He points out, Auroville is in India and not in isolation and accordingly we must adhere and manage solution under pretext of existing set of defined rules and not be just stuck by comfortable ideals. He in accord with L’avenier are calling for action by means of adopting to a plan.

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