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Daily Archives: 2017/08/04

Internship in Auroville

Internship and discovering this beautiful place are two of the many reasons many interns and volunteers come here and spend time at Mitra youth hostel where they get to meet a lot of architectural as well as designer students. In conversation with few of the interns, we get to know more about their life in Auroville.

Violin on Fire

To you true music consorts and followers. Listening to phrasing maybe an ability a few can do, but finding a line or phrase of exuberation should not be hard here. The texture is across the board sensual, warm, engaging and sometimes chavelierly very contemporary.
Vivaldi four seasons winter, presto from summer,
Vanessa Mae plays Toccata
Stjepan Hauser
Invierno porteno, Astor Piazolla,
John Powell, assasins tango
Astor Piazzolla
Gil Shaham and Adele Anthonz Sarasate Navarra
Paganini Nel Cor Pia non mi sento
Tartini Violin Sonata in G minor ”Devil’s Trill Sonata”
Black Violin – A Flat

Comments: 0 Date: 04 Aug 2017

Vivace Molto

Energetic modern music from Aram, Igor, and many others using minimalism, chromaticism, folk music motivs, and tonal rolling melodies and harmonies of the past and present with vast optimism. Tune in and listen. Love music!

Niccolò Paganini – (David Garrett) Capriccio no 24 – 9
Rimsky-Korsakov – Flight of the Bumblebee – 10
Igor Stravinky – violin concerto – 4
Niccolò Paganini – Moto Perpetuo – 5
Barber Samuel – violin mvt3 – 6
Aram Khachaturian – Violin concerto mvt 1 2 3 – 7
Pablo de Sarasate – (Maxim Vengerov) Introduction et Tarantelle – 2
Eugène-Auguste Ysaÿe – (Maxim Vengerov) Ballade – 8
Henryk Wieniawski – (Maxim Vengerov and Ryu Goto) Etudes Caprices Op.18 – 3
Niccolò Paganini – (Maxim Vengerov) Caprice no 24 – 1

Dance is Universal

This interview is based on Vjay dance classes at New Creation for any languages and there will be a dance performance on the 15th of August at Visitor’s Center. Hope to see you.I was inspired by Vijay’s life story, and path of dance, karate, and kick boxing.

Vijay gives classes at New Creation for dance on Tuesday at 6pm and Saturday at 3.30pm,
classes for kick boxing are going on at SAWCHU on Saturdays and Sundays at 6.30am.
You can contact Sundar on 9786167917.

Solar installations in Auroville

Through the workshop organised at CSR, in a short talk with Debo, we get to know about the proper installation of the solar PV along with the site visits in Auroville. Rianna, one of the participants, talks about her internship and arrival to Auroville.

Auroville Short Theater Festival

Francesca and Elke take the first step towards creating a theater festival that gives everybody the chance to express themselves. All is required to participants is an original 10 or 15 minutes short theater play .
The aim is to invite on the stage the diverse forms of creativity we have in Auroville and also offer the opportunity for people new to theater to get involved
Let’s uncover the creative writing skills hidden in Auroville!

How to get involved:
1. Write a short script and submit it to avshorttheaterfest@gmail by the 15th of September 2017.
2. The writer will be responsible for contacting people needed to stage the play (director, actors, make up artist, costume designer etc.)
3. There are no funding available from the Short Theater Festival towards costumes, props, etc.
4. This event is only open to Aurovillians and Newcomers of 14 years and above.
5. Only original scripts please (no plagiarism!) and never been staged before.
6. The contents of the script can be about any subject.
7. The staging will take place in CRIPA between September 2017 and February 2018. Cripa will know its availability for this event only at the end of September 2017

Green Acres

Sigrid is dedicated to raising funds to purchase land for green practices. The fund raising project is called Green Acres.
She briefly explains how the land prices within Auroville have increased over the past 10 years and developments within the area are on the increase. Already, various pieces of land within the Green Belt have been bought by outside parties. Further encroachment is very likely to happen where land has not yet been acquired by Auroville.
To help the fund-raising project we need to create public awareness of the importance and urgency of securing the land for Auroville; and we need to provide information of the good work done so far in the green belt area. The appeal is to all people of the world to help acquire land for this evolutionary project.

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