Photographer:Savitri Bhavan | Shraddhavan
07 Apr / 2011Program by:
Featured: ShraddhavanLanguage: English

A class, 'The English of Savitri'

Book 2 Canto 3 The Glory and the Fall of Life (page 120 ~ 121). This recording is a sample of a class that is being given by Shraddhavan weekly at Savitri Bhavan. The aim is to help people whose mother tongue is not English, but who have an aspiration to read Savitri with correct pronunciation and rhythm, and with some first understanding of the words and images of Sri Aurobindos revelatory epic. As a side-effect, it is hoped that they can improve their knowledge of the English language.

Those who attend this course are encouraged to do homework: to read a little from Savitri every day, to revise what we have read and discovered in the class and to aspire for the mantric power of Savitri to open the deep heart centre and widen the consciousness.