Photographer:Nola | Chandra, Christina, Vanitha Photographer:Nola | Vanitha designs inspired by Antonio Gaudi Photographer:Nola | Chandra designs inspired by Taj Mahal Photographer:Nola | MC Jesse Photographer:Nola | models and  dancers with Vanitha, Christina and Chandra Photographer:Nola | dancers Photographer:Nola | story of a genie and  a model
24 Jan / 2016Program by:
Featured: JesseLanguage: English

A Journey of Love and Adventure

Lilith Fashion Schol 2016 Final Year fashion show of two students – Chandra and Vanitha, each with six pieces of garments, inspired by architecture of Taj Mahal and Antonio Gaudi.
Fashion show, and more than just a show – A Journey of Love and Adventure where joint creativity of many avilians has came forward.
After short presentation of models on catwalk story continues in the series of theatrical vignette or snippets which further reveals the charism hiding beneath the designs.

The beauty of models and designs along with the series of theatrical vignettes, supported with danceable music thrilled the audience.

Lilith Fashion School with its founder Christina along with Gabi, Gabi and Alice continues the story of vocational training structure within Auroville offering the opportunity for youngster to require the essential skills of the trade in fashion design and garment creation.

Lightning by Dare Devils and Jean
art&media by Doris and Frances
MC Jesse

Auroville Fashion show 2016 photographs by Coriolan Weihrauch / MiA Studio