Photographer:Mrityunjay S. | Pushkar Carlotto performing live at CRIPA, Kalabhumi, here in Auroville
12 Feb / 2018Program by:

A Recital by Pushkar Carlotto

It was an enchanting evening on Friday, as Pushkar Carlotto, composer and pianist, took to the stage to share his original compositions for solo piano, some of which where heard live for the first time! He enthralled the audience with his deep-felt playing, transporting a room full of people to a unifying musical atmosphere, after which they left with a fulfilled sense of freshness and calm.

Programme notes.

Inception (2014) A journey through the inception of an idea.

By the Sea (2014) An evening by the shores.

Prelude “Happy Birthday” No.2 (2004) A prelude composed around the infamous “Happy Birthday” tune.

5 pieces from “Auroville Children Suite” (1993):
No.1 The mother – Sweet care and tenderness of a mother for her child.
No.2 The child – The joyful, careless and free spirit of a child.
No.7 Bird of paradise – The first appearance in the forest of a rare and elegant bird known as the paradise fly-catcher.
No.10 Out to play – Excited children going out to play in the afternoon.
No.12 Boat-ride lullaby – A lullaby that paints a picture of a boat-ride through the vast and peaceful ocean.

10 Variations on Carnevale di Venezia (2014) – A voyage of discovery and possibilities through 10 variations on an old famous theme. “Wonder”, “Magical moments”, “A dispute”, “Romance”, “Introspection”, “Breaking free”, “Gilmpses of Beyond”.

Infinite Space (2013) Drifting polyrhythms in space.

Prelude “Happy Birthday” No.3 (2009) Another prelude composed around the infamous “Happy Birthday” tune.

Farewell Song (2014) A farewell song written in memory of a close one who is no more.

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