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21 Dec / 2020Program by:

A talk by Dr. Anuradha Choudry “Sanskrit as Yoga”

This is a recording of a talk by Dr. Anuradha Choudry, on Sanskrit as Yoga that happened on 19th December 2020 at Bharat Niwas. During this talk Dr. Anuradha talks about the possible impact of speaking and communicating in Sanskrit especially in the context of an international city such as Auroville.

Dr. Anuradha is presently working as Asst. Professor at the Humanities and Social Sciences Department at IIT Kharagpur for Sanskrit and Indian Psychology. She has a Ph.D in Vedic Psychology from Pondicherry University, she was awarded the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship of the EU for an M.Litt in Crossways in European Humanities.