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11 Apr / 2023Program by:

A Tribute to Late Thiru.Mahalingam

Auroville Festival is a Week-long event from Mother’s Birthday on the 21st to Auroville Birthday on the 28th of February. On this special occasion Auroville Tamil Heritage Centre Organised a series of talks on Tamil literature,Culture,History etc.

On 28th February 2023, in loving memory of Late Thiru.Mahalingam, many Aurovilians and Friends of him shared about his dedication to Auroville and Tamil Language. This was held at Savitri Bhavan.

Thiru.Mahalingam enjoyed a life well lived, as Independence fighter during the Quit India Movement towards India’s independence, spiritual seeker, teacher, translator, writer, Ashramite, and Aurovilian. His uniquely humble presence and old-school devotion added a delicate, special quality to our communal life.

Tamil Heritage Centre feels contented to end this Auroville’s Festival-a week-long event with the remembrance of Thiru. Mahalingam. 


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