Photographer:Neha | Seema Majumdar from Darpana Acedmy, Gujarat Photographer:Neha | All it takes is passion, Dadi is 80 years old and still full of energy. Photographer:Neha | Block Printing Photographer:Neha | Tying Photographer:Neha | Untying Photographer:Neha | Dyed Cloth
27 Mar / 2017Program by:
Featured: Seema MajumdarLanguage: English

Art and Culture Workshop

It was a three days workshop organised by Bharat Niwas, it was conducted by artists from SEWA (Self Employed Women Association), Gujarat. They taught people the almost lost art of block printing and tie and dye which was used earlier for cloth printing and now it is getting replaced by screen printing and other techniques. This workshop was to make people know more closely about Indian culture.
A lot of people from all age groups took interest in the workshop.
We had an interview with Seema Majumdar from Darpana Acedmy, Gujarat and she talked about the work they do and how they are taking efforts to educate people about the art and culture of India.